Why we charge for our services.

Sonny Waller

Owner, Junk Doctor 

Oct. 31 2023

I’m often asked, why do you charge for your services? Why can’t you sell what you pick up for payment? While it is true we sometimes pick up items we can sell since all junk is not necessarily junk. You know the old saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. The truth is, gone are the days of the guy coming around in the old pickup truck just picking up what he wants (usually metal) and leaving the rest. Modern-day junk removal has transformed into a legitimate business that caters to the customer's needs by picking up all unwanted items and disposing of them professionally and at a fair price. Most junk items go to the landfill with a fee for dumping, some items are donated, and if it's okay with the customer, some items are kept for resale. Most items kept may sell quickly or maybe not at all, so the junk dealer is taking a chance on resale and can’t survive waiting for it to sell so the money has to be made on the removal. We at Junk Doctor often donate and recycle whenever possible. Not only does this save money but the planet as well.

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